Tiffany Melius, CPCC, BCI

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Certified Professional Co-Active Coach

Bachelor of Creative Industries

Founder & Principal Coach, Force of Nature Coaching

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Who Am I?

Tiffany Melius was born and grew up in the sub-tropical climate of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. She spent her childhood, along with her brother and sister, climbing trees, swimming, cycling and playing various sports, taking full advantage of Brisbane’s long summer days and mild winters.

Her passion to succeed coupled with her willingness to put in the hard work to achieve her goals were evident from an early age, and she excelled in many areas. She graduated with Distinction with a Bachelor of Creative Industries from the Queensland University of Technology, and has qualifications in Business Management and Workplace Training and Assessment. Perhaps her most notable achievement has been in competitive rockclimbing, where she has represented Australia on the world stage.

Tiffany has travelled to over 35 countries, and has lived in Australia, Japan, the United Kingdom, and now calls Vancouver, Canada home.

Coaching has been a transformative force in Tiffany’s life, and has taught her how to access her personal power through empathy, compassion and non-judgement. Tiffany’s values are authenticity, integrity and personal growth. She is passionate about spreading the magic of coaching across the planet and wants to empower others through it, as it has empowered her.

A high value coaching experience! I went into the coaching process with low expectations about the value that it would bring. I had no impression that I could benefit from changing my life in any significant way. Tiffany helped me realize that big life changes are not always required to achieve big personal growth. Tiffany provided the right mix of motivation and inquisition to help define my personal goals and dare to imagine that I will achieve them. Over the course of our coaching relationship, she has helped me tweak my behaviour in small, simple ways that have helped me achieve much more than I could have imagined. Awesome!

Vancouver Business Client

I have made several positive changes in my life while and since I have had Tiffany as my personal life coach. My self-esteem and confidence levels have improved greatly. She has helped me to discover exactly what is holding me back from achieving the success I desire. I feel as though I am more in control of my life now and the sense of empowerment is wonderful! Thank you, Tiffany

Michelle Bernard

Tiffany is an intuitive coach who loves helping people ask the big questions of themselves, and find the answers they need to hear, in order to improve their lives.

Jan Hanlon-Smith