Coaching is professionally facilitated life change

Coaching is professionally facilitated life change.  It creates an open, safe and honest space to facilitate growth, movement, and clarity. Coaching helps individuals

  • discover their passions,

  • develop and use their unique talents and abilities towards living a fulfilling life,

  • tap into their hidden potential, and

  • realize challenging goals that they set for themselves.

Coaching moves people from a place of stagnation to progressing forward; from confusion to clarity; from feeling small and insecure to feeling confident and powerful and capable.

Coaching is not about the coach knowing more than the client – coaching is about the coach using their specific skills to assist the client uncover what they already know, and act on it to live their best life!

The coach has the questions, the client has the answers.

Who can benefit from coaching?


The prerequisites for a successful coaching relationship are openness and honesty, a willingness to grow, and a desire for change.

People are drawn to coaching for a number of reasons.  Often they:

  • are in a period of transition or contemplating a decision

  • are feeling ‘stuck’ or unfulfilled in their current lives, or need to overcome a ‘block’

  • want clarity around their values, passions, life purpose and what is most important to them

  • are striving to manifest a vision or dream

  • desire to become bigger, better, more joyful/alive/powerful versions of themselves

How is coaching different from therapy or mentoring?

Therapy has traditionally treated clients as patients who need fixing, and often focuses on the past. Coaching treats clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole, and is strength-based focusing on the future.

Mentoring assumes that the mentor knows more than the mentee, and the mentor will use their own experiences to give advice. Coaching assumes that the client has all the answers, and the coach simply facilitates their discovery.  Rarely will the coach make any suggestions around a course of action, and if they do it is to start a brainstorming activity, not as a standalone piece of advice.

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