“I am the force of nature that inspires transformation.”

The natural world embodies the beautiful dichotomy of power and gentleness. A rock, shaped by wind and water and ice over millions of years has an incredible beauty that belies its violent evolution. A glacier, light refracting off its surface, plows its way across the land creating fjords and ravines in its wake.

The cleansing fullness of the calm after the storm; the magnificence and beauty of a mountain range, thrust upwards by cataclysmic subterranean tectonic plates – these are all expressions of the natural order. And that beauty and power and gentleness all lie, side by side, in all of us. And we are just as natural.

Every evolution is a transformation – the fire that rages through the forest and turns green to black, creates nutritious ash which stimulates growth anew. And by leading the way with our own growth and transformation, we inspire others to take the leap of faith into the unknown, the uncomfortable and the downright scary.

Force of nature also implies a habit: you do something the same way as you have always done it, by force of nature. The ironic thing is that nature is always changing. Coaching is a way to harness your inner power as a force of nature, to change your nature to something more conscious.